Il Calanco Il Calanco Il Calanco Il Calanco Il Calanco
Il Calanco Il Calanco Il Calanco Il Calanco Il Calanco

AGRITOURISM occasion to rediscover the contact with the nature

Dipped in the calm of a suggestive rural landscape in the heart of the Clanchi's National Park, "The Calanco" rises between sea (15 Km) and mountain (50 km): an agritourism's firm situated away from the city chaos and equipped for the tourist reception.
Proper above all to those people who know how to appreciate the country's lifestyle; The Calanco is of fact an agricultural and zootechnical's firm in full activity that offers to you the possibility to rediscover the wealth of the country culture and his ancient traditions, participating if you will want it, to the farm's activities, what the harvest of vegetables and the care of the animals.
Near the farm besides, the guests have the possibility to stay overnight in a pleasant environment that makes available to them tourist reception's services, a playground for the smaller and a riding school followed by qualified instructors.

Thanks to his geographical position it's possible, crossing brief itineraries, to visit in the ray of 50 Km: Craco Vecchio, Aliano (Charles' Levi city), Tursi (the Rabatana), Matera (i Sassi), Irsina (Mantegna's statue), Pisticci (Hamlet's abbey). Every tour is practicable also with group's driven visits.
L'Agriturismo L'Agriturismo L'Agriturismo L'Agriturismo L'Agriturismo